Our specialization

When producing underwear, a lot of attention is given to the bra and its construction, because it is especially important when talking about the larger sized breasts. All our knowledge and experience that we have gained since the establishment of the company is concentrated in this direction. Production of large sizes bras has become our core specialization.
The constructional stage of adjustment of the large size bra plays a very important role. Computer technologies are very important at this stage because without them the final result corresponding the definition of a comfortable bra concept is almost impossible.
All our new bras models are thoroughly tested wearing them from one to six months. The relevant models of bras are selected for women of different shapes and sizes of breasts. It is the way of testing the accuracy of bras construction and product durability.
In this way the occured constructional defects of the product are removed step by step. That is why a comfortable large-size bra is different from simply the large size bra- because of its structure, cost and time consumption required to design it.
Of course, it is impossible to create a perfectly universal bra that fits equally well for different types of woman’s breast. When we cooperate with our products distributors we especially emphasize that it is very important to pay special attention to the breast type and select the proper size bra for the ultimate buyer.