Our values and principles

  • We believe that decency in business is the value that determines 99% of business success.
  • We believe that people cannot be treated the way we do not want to be treated...
  • We believe that punctuality is an integral part of the decency and they cannot exit one without the other.
  • We understand that it is not always possible to do what we have planned, but we will never understand that it is not possible to find the time and ways to inform about it in advance.
  • We believe that the acceptance of the error is not a formal expression of politeness but it is an action that can give the customer a feeling of satisfaction.
  • We can design a bra half of the year and incur huge losses, but we will definitely not give it to the manufacturers until we are sure that we did everything that the bra becomes, in our opinion, perfect!
  • Have people ever been disappointed with us? Unfortunately, yes, but our main goal is to manage situations in a way that it does not interfere with our further relationship.
  • How do we choose employees? We talk to them and if their approach and values meet our attitudes and values, we say: Agreed!
  • We refuse professionals if they think that all this does not matter ...
  • We believe that the customer is always right, but that is not a reason why we must agree with all his whims without distinction.
  • By stating our principles and values ​​we have in mind not only our customers, but also our employees!